Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night

Saturday: Off (Day) / Restaurant (Night)

Tonight I worked at the restaurant--I closed, hence the late post. It wasn't that bad, actually. It was pretty busy, and we had a good crew...a lazy crew, but a fun crew, so it was alright. I did have a woman who cut her husband's salad for him. Other than that, it was fine.

There was a little bit of controversy after close, when the MOD (Manager on Duty) asked me to lock the front door. I've argued with MOD before that I don't think servers should be responsible for locking the front door. I told her that I would ask one of the others. Well, when I asked my fellow-closer, he felt the same way I did. If someone breaks into the restaurant, the first question they're going to ask is, "Who locked the door?" I don't want to have my name mentioned in response. No way.
MOD was pretty adamant about us doing it, so we did; however, when I was leaving, I noticed that the lights we have lit outside the restaurant (that the closers are supposed to turn off) were still on. I could have stopped, but I figured that was a little something for the MOD to deal with. I felt like I was sticking it to the man! teehee


Tomorrow: Babies!!! (I'm going over my sisters to play with my nieces!)


alex said...

That's interesting to think that someone breaking in would ask who locked the door. Is that serious or sarcasm? It seems pretty normal to lock the doors when you're closed. Just curious as to the rationale behind this...

Darby said...

Sorry for the confusion....I guess what I meant was, that management (or the owners) would ask who locked the door, if we were broken into...and the response would be this instance....however, nowadays, a manager is always responsible for locking the front door.