Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love What You Love

Wednesday: Secretary (Day) / Instructor (Night)

I love teaching. Although sometimes I say things that sound stupid, my students relate to me, and I think they like me. I mess around and joke, but they know (already) when I mean business. Tonight I heard one of my student's complaining about the amount of homework. My response: This is NO joke--this is YOUR education! You cannot put a dollar amount or a time limit on what it means for you to be successful.
The argument to that was that there is a dollar amount, but I clarified by saying that it took me six years to get a four-year that time, it was not the money that mattered, it was the information I walked away with.
I like the way I feel when I leave. I had two girls compliment my teaching style tonight, and it is both flattering and humbling; however, I'm just being me! That's the thing! I think I'm just a natural teacher--I like to give people different perspectives on the way to look at things. I also like pointing out the things that I find interesting, in hopes, that my interest will inspire.
Who knows.
Tonight I gave the first writing assignment of the semester, and my students were confused and disgruntled (some of them) when they left. I make myself available through email only (because I'm only part time), but I'm on the computer pretty much all day, so getting my email isn't a problem. They'll be fine! Everything just seems more overwhelming when it's getting thrown at you for four hours straight!

Secretary-ing this morning was a breeze--no major issues, one of the DCs (Department Chairs) was out, and the other was super-busy; we had no student issues (now I think that jinxes tomorrow). So, all is good.

Now, if only I can somehow make fifties pour from the sky, this will be an awesome day!

Tomorrow: Secretary (Day) / Server (Night)

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BigNick879 said...

Well teach when I have to turn in my first witting assignment can I run it by you first???? LOL

My writing/English teacher is a old coot, she means well but comes from a different time period and tends to loose track of what shes teaching making it harder on us the student. I would be willing to trade places with any of the kids in your class.