Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Education Expense

This post connects with a post I published a few days ago.
Students working toward an Education degree are required to do classroom components for their major--they must observe or teach in a school in the community as part of their requirements.
Today, one of the full-time faculty was talking with me about a student who has been corresponding via email regarding her placement site. The student claims that the reason she chose to come to our college was because she works during the day and is able to take classes at night. She had no idea she would have to do classroom components. What?! Why would she possibly think that by being an Education Major, she wouldn't have to work in a classroom? Her additional argument is that she currently works in a public school, and she wants to do her observations in the school where she works.
For everyone out there with this situation, doing observations/student teaching in a school where you currently work is not the way to go about getting a well-rounded education. Taking care of classroom requirements in your place of business is called a biased environment. Besides that, getting experience in other schools will give students a varied perspective of schools in the area. No school is the same, and through obtaining your education, it is up to you to get as many different perspectives as possible. This will broaden your spectrum as a student and open your eyes as an educator.
College is not meant for taking short-cuts. College is meant to provide you will all the training and instruction necessary to make you a well-rounded member in your field.

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