Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday: Secretary (Day) / Server (Night)
The office was pretty quiet today--By the way, quiet is one of the words you don't say in an office. It's like saying bomb on a plane.
Preface: The semester at the community college started four weeks ago. You would be surprised at how many students are still trying to pick up classes. It's only been four weeks. It's on me to make up the work. I guess I just never considered picking up a class late--I had to start day one. I didn't want to walk in weeks behind the rest of the class. I don't know. Last semester, it got out of hand. So, this semester, we had to make some departmental policies. The drop/add period ends two weeks into the semester. Some departments allow students to sign into classes in the third week--not our department. It is clear that those students who come in more than two weeks into the semester miss a lot of material and struggle through the course.
I had a student come in with a "Drop/Add" form asking to speak to the Department Chair (DC). We screen these visits closely, as a lot of students come in wanted to speak to the DC. I asked him if he was dropping or adding a class. He says that he wants to add Macroeconomics...(FYI: We are in our fourth week of the semester.) I sweetly explain to the student that we are not signing anyone into classes for two reasons: (1) The drop/add period ended two weeks ago. (2) If the class meets twice a week, then it's already met six times...it's a bitch to play catch-up (I didn't say bitch); we are looking out for the student's best interest.
He still wanted me to check to be sure. So, I tried to tell him again, but humored him and told him I would check. I poked into DC's office, and quickly told her of the student's request. She immediately said, "No, we are not signing anyone into classes." She said it loud enough for him to hear. I went back out to the student, at which time he asked if DC had given an explanation. I again repeated the same stuff; he was not satisfied. Finally, DC came out and told him to stop interrogating her secretary, sorry, she was not going to sign him into Macro.
The student came in about four hours later, trying to sign into another class.
I worked at the slowest restaurant in town tonight! It was pathetic. Luckily we were permitted to roll silverware throughout the shift (a rarity lately) and cuts went up before 8:00. I clocked out at 8:10. Although I only made $30 after tip-out, I came on at 5:00, so I made $10 an hour. I didn't really work that hard, and the crew was playful and spunky, so it was relatively enjoyable.
I did get into a minor argument with this evening's MOD. He is a newer MOD, and I think it's gone to his head a bit. I've made no bones about telling him that's what I think because we were once friends. Now he is manager friend, which is weird. Anyway, I had two tables, so I approached him and asked him if I could take out the garbage (code for smoke a cigarette). Management has gone from strict to lenient and back to strict on the whole smoking thing. Some say as long as we're taking something outside, then it's fine, be quick, get someone to watch your section, yadda, yadda; but there are a couple who aren't as understanding (for lack of a better word). Tonight MOD was not being understanding. He said that he was told that employees were no longer allowed to smoke on the property, and that the owners would be inspecting for cigarette butts. First of all, you can't make it a smoke-free property if patrons are allowed to smoke, and who is going to search the parking lot or behind the dumpsters for evidence...idiots (*Ren and Stimpy). I gave him a little bit of a runaround, but that's because I like messing with him, but then I backed off...until I had zero tables and "taking out the beer boxes" was indeed my sidework. I approached him again, and he said that if I came back in smelling like smoke, he would be very upset. This coming from a kid that is 22 years old (I'm 29). Whatever. While he was schmoozing with some bar guests I snuck out the back. He's none the wiser. I had NO tables! It's not the end of the world, but they need to pick a side. My argument was that I was permitted to go outside during a shift just this passed Saturday night...I definitely shouldn't have told him that. Then I found out that he wrote it in the book and was going to ask GM for clarification...what at tool.
Tuesday: Secretary (Day) / Planning (Night)

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