Monday, February 2, 2009

The Kicker

Sunday: Aunt Day!!
Today was pretty fun. We played outside, we colored, we read books, we practiced our alphabet and numbers. We had a fun-filled aunt day, I feel. I went over around 2 p.m., and I left around 8:30...I was ready by then. They are a handful!
Besides, I'm not really feeling that great...
I think I mentioned before how I don't have health insurance. Well, easy to say, "Go to the clinic" when I don't have the extra cash to pay my rent. Clinics do charge, and around here, a free clinic would be a miracle. My mom and sister suggested that I apply for Medicaid, but I'm pretty sure I'm not eligible. I read some literature about it when I came home because I really need to go to a doctor...something's wrong. I don't want to admit it...I haven't wanted to admit it...but it's time, I suppose. The criteria for Medicaid is pretty specific, and I didn't feel that I fell into any "group" they mentioned. Ugh. I guess it's worth a shot anyway. I've got to do something.

Tomorrow: Secretary (Day) / Server (Night)


Darby said...

Oh, I tried to publish the comment about Horror flicks! Sorry! Thanks for reading, and I think I'll try to watch Donnie again, then perhaps we can discuss... :)

BigNick879 said...

You totally published it and it was listed as a comment under that thread so no worries. Please do let me know when you watch it I love that movie, I have a few more you might like if you want some other make you think

Darby said...

Right on...I'm always into "make you think" long as they're not scary...i live in the woods, remember? :)