Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday Dramatics

Saturday: Off (Day) / Server (Night)
Tonight started off slow, but then we got slammed, and the night flew by! I went in for my shift in a great mood, and I was ready to make money. Tonight's crew was pretty lazy, but my tables were good (no one too weird), and they were appreciative, which is a little unusual, but considering some of them waited 2 hours for a table, I suppose they were just happy to have a competent server. It was a good night.
I was closing, and there are always three servers closing the restaurant. As a closer, we check everyone's section, side work, and silverware. I'm always assigned to check sections because I prefer it, and I'm good at it. When people know I'm checking sections, they do their shit--or I make them do it. I'm not messing around. If they don't do it, closers have to do it, and we already have enough to do.
Well, because it was so busy, we didn't die down until about 9:30. The MOD still hadn't put cuts up, when the hostess approached me and told me that she had to seat me with a five top because "some server" didn't want anymore tables. I told her that was fine (I was closing, I didn't care), but one thing you DO NOT do is tell the hostess to stop seating you before cuts go up. That is a hell-to-the-no-no! The kicker: This server is a trainer! All the fights I've had with management about my being a trainer, and this girl pulls this! Unbelievable. What's even more unbelievable is that she is notorious for trying to get out of doing shit!
Because this sort of thing happens all the time, I decided that I wouldn't say anything to the server, but I did say something to a friend of mine because I was pissed. Well my friend ended up saying something to the Hella Bitch Bartender who thinks she runs every shift. Hella Bitch decided she would seat the trainer with the next table. Well, I guess Hella Bitch didn't think this was enough, so she told the MOD.
MOD was pissed, and called the closers to a meeting. He wanted to know if it was okay with us if he waited until really late to put cuts up. He wanted to make her sweat a little and it affected the entire team. We only had an hour until close, and we agreed that cuts would not go up, but us closers would just take any incoming tables. (We should've sat the fucking trainer again, but that's not the way MOD wanted to do things.)
This hurts everyone because they'll get started on their silverware, side work, and sections, but none of the silverware they do counts once cuts go up, and they can't get "checked out" until cuts are up either.
MOD said he confronted her, but he couldn't write her up because he was not a direct witness.
MOD didn't put cuts up until about 10:45 (we close at 11), and everyone was pissed. Then he gave them each 100 silver to do. It was bad. People were cranky and insubordinate. MOD said he confronted trainer and that she had no rebuttal--not even an apology. He said he used the dreaded, "I'm...disappointed..." He was disappointed, but he knew that phrasing it that way would make more of an impact on said server. I think he handled it well, and I sure as hell hope that trainer realizes what she's doing next time.
That's all I've got! It's crazy-late, and I've got to get to bed!
Tomorrow: Off (Aunt Day!)

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