Friday, February 6, 2009


Thursday: Secretary (Day) / Server (Night)
My focus sharpened once I entered work and learned that I would be sharing a 20-top (which turned out to be 15) with a fellow-server. It was a bridal shower (oh, how I loath any kind of party with the word "shower" in it). These women drank, had appetizers, drank some more, had dinner, drank a little more, had cake. They ended up leaving us $50 over gratuity, which was unexpected and pretty freakin awesome! It really made my night because other than that table, it was dead. I had three other tables before the big-top...that was it. The women were a little weird and bossy, but otherwise normal and harmless.
We ended up paying another server to clear and reset the tables for us, so I was still home by 10, with a little bit of cash! Yay!
Tomorrow: Secretary (Early Day) / Off (Night)

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