Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Day in the Life

Friday: Secretary (Day) / Off (Night) Yay!

I work with very interesting people. Dr. F is always fun to talk to. For Christmas, he gave me a day calendar of "Forgotten English." It gives the etymology and a little paragraph about the history or usage of the word. Very cool. What's even cooler is that Dr. F is Jewish. :) He's great. We get into some of the most interesting conversations. He's a psychiatrist and has a private practice. Crazy-smart, and completely inappropriate. He's hilarious.
Today we were talking about horror movies. I told him that I don't watch scary movies because I live alone in the woods. I say that jokingly, really; I've never had an interest in horror flicks. (Although there is one exception.*) As we were walking down the office hallway, he turned to me and said quietly, "Don't you have a gun?" The question shocked me. I don't know--I've never even considered the's never entered my brain. I answered accordingly, and he said he would have a gun if he didn't have children in the house. (Besides, he has some health issues, and the medications he has to take make him shake terribly; a gun should not necessarily be his weapon of choice.) Then, somehow our conversation shifted to whether or not I would shoot someone who is threatening to kill my mother. I have never thought of killing anyone (seriously) in my whole life. He told me that it was a form of denial. The denial stems from the fact that I push it out of my brain and don't think about the reality of the world--according to Dr. F. I'm okay with his analysis, but I still don't think owning a gun would stop something from happening to me. I don't think I could shoot someone if it came down to it. I really don't. They could be threatening to kill my mother or something, I can't even fathom a scenario for this scene, but when it came down to pulling the trigger and killing another human--I just think I would freeze. I don't think that makes me a horrible person, but I do feel like I should have that angry passion to say that I would KILL someone if they were harming someone I loved. I don't know if that's possible. What does that mean? I kinda think Dr. F was disappointed to learn this about me. I do value his opinion, but ultimately, that can't change what I would do if someone was threatening to kill my mother. What an odd thought--it actually, almost makes me sick to think about it. This is when is bliss.

Saturday: Off (Day) / Restaurant (Night)

*I think the Final Destination flicks are hysterical! Not only are the sequels completely ironic in their existence, but the ways they find to kill people is absurd. Those, I can watch. I did watch Scream, and it did scare me, but I'm okay was touch and go for a while. I also watched The Village (I think), but that was stupid, so it didn't really scare me. One of the creepiest/scary movies I've seen is Donnie Darko, but I would totally watch it again because I got really confused about the ending...

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BigNick879 said...


Just so you know any true Horror fan would not ever consider Final Destination or any of the squeals a quality movie let alone a horror film. Scream was good but again not sure it falls under the Horror genre I think of it more as a slasher/ psychological thriller. Donnie Darko was awesome one of my favorite movies for sure in my top 10, if you ever need help understanding the ending let me