Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Hats

From an administrative position at a local college, to teaching part time and waiting tables when I can, I definitely keep myself busy. I'm exhausted, but I have stories to tell, gripes to vent, and messages to pass along to the public.

I have a Bachelor's in English, and directly out of college, I got a job as an editor for an educational publisher within 40 minutes from my home. That job (though wonderful as it was) was short-lived. Within three years, I was forced to move on...

I waited tables for a year, looking for another editing position, but there was no luck in my area. I even considered the BIG move to NYC, to possibly get my editing career off the ground. Why didn't I go? Bottom line: I'm too much of a family girl. My sisters were having children, and I found myself wanting to be immersed in the culture of baby. More so, I wanted to be revered as an aunt who they knew and loved, not a stranger who disappeared when they were infants.

Then, I just started looking for anything--times were getting tougher.

Up to Date:
I got a job working as an Administrative Assistant--yup, you got it--a secretary. I work in the Education Department of a local Community College, which got my foot in the door, into a room filled with myriad possibilities. I really like my job. I love the people in my department; they are supportive, compassionate, and nurturing. Working with teachers of teachers is great. My department shares an office with the Human Services Department, and they too are a great bunch. They are amazing. It's also wonderful to be surrounded with people who have the same views on education as I do. (When I first started college, I was studying to be an elementary school teacher. After three years in the program, I decided that working in public schools was not for me--that's when I switched to English, in hopes of one day teaching at the college level.)

In my mind, I didn't think I'd teach at a college level until I was retired with a doctorate. Little did I know what was in store for me. The secretary thing is only part time. I am only allowed to work 29 hours a week--partial benefits (dental). I made sure to introduce myself to the English Department Chair, and made her aware of my desire to teach. I didn't think it would happen so soon.

After being with the college for approximately four months, the English Department contacted me, within days of the new semester, short-staffed, in need of a part-time instructor. I jumped on it. That was in August of 2008. My first semester was rough, but I think I made an impact on those students who stuck it out. I teach a remedial course for those students who received low marks on the placement test. My course prepares them for what they will expect in college. The curriculum is rigorous and daunting, but it's effective, as far as I can tell. I just started my second semester. So far so good.

Because these positions are only part time, I live alone, and I have debts to pay, I kept my job at the restaurant.

Therefore, I wear many hats, and consequently, I carry many bags.

This blog will contain tales from all aspects of my life. I hope I can find the time to keep up with it...

Happy Reading!


Secretary: Mon.-Fri. (Day) brown purse
Instructor: Wed. (Night) school bag, laptop bag, folder bag
Server: Mon., Thurs., Sat. (Night) blue knapsack
Aunt: Sun. (Day/Night) camera bag, canvas bag,
Blogger: In between no bag required


becaus said...

I'm glad you're back! Can't wait to read more of your stories.

Darby said...

Thanks! I can't wait to tell them!!

BigNick879 said...

I read your other blog for months never commenting, but always feeling your pain. I'm glad your OK and back to blogging I so so so look forward to reading your tales.