Friday, January 30, 2009

The Icing

Thursday: Secretary by Day / Server by Night

All these tales, all these gripes, all these bitch-sessions of endless run-ons create the icing for my cake of American glory. Why do I work three jobs, you ask? Because I'm completely broke. Why am I completely broke, you ask? Well, I'm going to get down "brass tacks" (as ma would say): debt.
That, my friends, is the American Dream. To consume and least that's how it feels right now.
I once had a decent paying job--sallary, benefits, the works. Unfortunately short-lived, that position sits on the tip of my tongue, the top of my mind because these "economic hardships" (as they say) have really affected me, my lifestyle, my way of life...everything.
I put myself through college--absolutely NO regrets.
Once I graduated, I decided to give myself a graduation present and went off to gallavant in Ireland for three weeks--again, absolutely NO regrets.
I don't have regrets for any of the decisions I've made--regret is a waste of time. What's happening now, however, is that I'm paying for them in the form of late fees, overdraft fees, overnight fees, kangaroo fees, or whateverthefucktheywanttomakeup fees. I'm also still paying for the furniture I charged to my other credit card. I'm also still paying a lot of shit off. My point is, I have no children, I live alone, and yet I'm still working three jobs to stay "afloat." Bull shit. I took what was available at the time, but that's just not enough right now.
Rent's due on Sunday. Right now, I'm sitting $20 bucks shy, and I work at the restaurant Saturday night, so I'm POSITIVE rent will be paid. My other bills, however, they have suffered. I HAVE to pay for things like my phone bill, my rent, and my car insurance, but they aren't the ones to call when you're late--it's the credit card people. It's really depressing actually. I'm young. I'm dealing with this at a very young age. My mom went through it too, but she had kids. I'm happy I've not chosen to procreate and bring an innocent child into the depths of my debt.
Things will get better. They always will. They always have. I just have a hard time seeing through these hard times...the rose-colored glasses I once wore so well are now faded and jaded with the rest of the country.

Friday: Early secretary day!! (Off at 2!!) Then I think I will take a nap. Ahh, what a thought. (I even dream about dreaming! How pathetic!)

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