Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost-4-year-old Sob Story

I have the saddest and cutest story that will break your heart, but I have to share because I'm an aunt; it's what I do.

My sister has two children, almost-4-year-old Cee (nickname, of course), and 2-year-old Pea (short of Sweet Pea--also a nickname).
My mom (the girls call her Emmy), signed Cee up for ballet, and she signed Pea up for swimming. Ballet was scheduled to start last Friday. All last week, Pea was sick with a gross stomach bug. Cee was very excited about ballet, and knew she had to be strong and well for her class. When Friday came, my sister woke Cee up for school and started getting her ready. Sis noticed that Cee didn't really look well, so she asked, "You feelin' okay?" Cee replied, "Yes, mommy, I want to go to ballet. I have to be strong." With that, Cee dressed, and they headed off to school. My sister works in the same building as Cee's preschool, just in a different room. When they got to school, Sis asked Cee again, "Are you sure you're feeling okay, Cee?" Cee once again replied, "Yes, mommy, I'm going to dance class too-later." (A little Cee-ism.)
Finally, right at the end of the day, Sis gets a call to come to the preschool room. When she gets there, she finds Cee on her knees on the classroom floor, where she had just vomited. Looking pale as a ghost, she looked up at Sis and said as she cried, "I want to go to ballet, mommy. I just wanna dance. I just wanna dance." Sis said she cried as well, picked Cee up and told her that if her belly hurts, she can't go to dance class. Cee was devastated.
Because Emmy was going to take her to the class, Cee's outfit was at Emmy's house. My sister went over to the house and grabbed her outfit and let Cee dance around the house. I was out to dinner with my mom at the time, and the phone rings. It's Cee, "Thanks for my swippers, Emmy, and my 'tard, us dancin in the house!" She sounded happy, definitely tired and sick, but it was sweet to know that she was still able to dance around--even if it wasn't in class. She has a tall mirror in her room too, and Sis said that Cee kept spinning around and trying to watch herself at the same time.
How cute?! How sad?! :)

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